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Build trust through speak-up channels

Empower employees to report bullying, harassment, and non-inclusive behaviours with our multi-channel speak-up platform.

  • Improve psychological safety with trusted channels and optional anonymity
  • Ensure employees feel listened to & safe to speak up
  • Embed into your workstream with Slack & Microsoft teams integrations


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Meet our amazing team

This is one of the eye catching layout variants of our team module. Portrait your team members with their name, job position, personal bio, social links, photo and optionally group them by department.

  • C-Level
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Consultants
  • Trainees
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Support in the moments that matter

Improve employee wellbeing with our Culture Hub

  • Be there 24/7, with self-serve resources
  • Improve reporting outcomes by signposting employees to the best pathways
  • Maximise ROI by collating existing resources and tracking use



Actionable insights preventing harassment & improving performance

Implement targeted actions to create safer, more inclusive teams with our Insights Dashboard

  • Put data to hunches and unearth real-time evidence-based insights
  • Save time & resource with in-built analysis
  • Track progress & ROI on cultural initiatives


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Client Stories

Learn how our clients have trusted InChorus to make meaningful change to workplace culture

Company X: Retaining diverse Talent

Having worked hard to improve diversity in recruitment, Company X wanted to ensure they created a healthy and inclusive culture to retain new talent.

X used InChorus to spot cultural issues early in specific teams and create tailored initiatives to support those affected. 

Company Y: Tackling bullying and harassment

Company Y were concerned about increasing bullying and harassment incidents. They felt these incidents could have been prevented, or at least mitigated if they'd been raised and tackled earlier.

Y used InChorus to provide an anonymous way to flag day-to-day issues. These insights allowed Y to track key issues and handle quickly

Company Z: Turning a hunch into actionable data

People lead at Company Z had been alerted to increased incidents of sexist language between colleagues.

Z rolled out InChorus to assess if these were one off issues or part of a wider cultural problem that needed to be addressed at an organisation level.

Z was able to diagnose particular groups and teams most affected and design initiatives to support colleagues and prevent further issues. 

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