Shine a light on bias to grow an inclusive organisation

We are a third-party platform to anonymously tag, measure, and resolve incidents of bias and harassment in your organisation.

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Benefit 1

Offer employees a trusted way to tag problem-behaviours and access support through professional resources.

Benefit 2

Quantify your workplace culture and let the data lead you to more effective training, talent, culture and L&D initiatives.

Benefit 3

Measure and increase ROI on your D&I initiatives with insightful data and actionable recommendations.

Benefit 4

Reduce costs from employee churn and employee tribunals.

Benefit 5

Create an inclusive culture that sustains diversity and reap the financial benefits.

Benefit 6

Be proactive against more serious incidents occurring in your workplace.

How it works


Anonymously tag instances of bias

Employees anonymously tag incidents of bias that they have experienced.


Advice & Support

Employees are given a set of professional resources to help manage the situation in a way that's best for them.


Powerful insight

Employers receive anonymised data on types of incidents: where, what, when, but not who.


Targeted Action

Employers can now kick off data-driven initiatives resulting in a happier, healthier, more successful organisation.

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Security & Privacy Guarantee

Security is of paramount importance to InChorus

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

The EU General Data Protection Regulation was bought into force in 2018. Many businesses are still struggling to comply; however, InChorus engaged legal expertise during the product design and development process to ensure Privacy by Design. 

The result is a  trusted, solution that puts secuity, privacy and data protection at it's core. 

Regular Security Testing

Regular Security Testing

We work with experts to test our technology in order to find & address any security vulnerabilities. 

We understand that there are often bespoke requirements  and work with our clients in order to meet individual security needs. 

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

We use two-factor authentication to ensure additional protection for our App.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

All data will be encrypted using OpenSSL to provide AES-256 and AES-128 encryption.


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