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Raj Ramanandi Jul 4, 2024 1:29:45 PM 1 min read

Examples of microaggressions

Microaggressions are subtle, often unintentional, behaviours or comments that might convey negative assumptions about a person's identity or background. Here are 21 examples to help raise awareness:

1. **Gender Microaggressions:**
   - Referring to a mixed-gender group as "guys" *might* offend some individuals
   - Assuming a woman is emotional during a discussion.
   - Saying, "You're pretty strong for a girl."

2. **Racial Microaggressions:**
   - Asking someone where they are "really" from.
   - Making assumptions about someone's language proficiency based on their race.
   - Telling a person of colour they are "articulate."

3. **Age Microaggressions:**
   - Referring to younger colleagues as "kids" or "babies" *might* offend some individuals 
   - Assuming an older colleague is technologically challenged.
   - Making jokes about someone's age.

4. **LGBTQ+ Microaggressions:**
   - Asking inappropriate questions about someone's sexual orientation.
   - Making jokes or comments based on stereotypes.
   - Using heteronormative language without considering diverse identities.

5. **Disability Microaggressions:**
   - Assuming someone with a disability needs constant assistance.
   - Using ableist language without awareness.
   - Ignoring the preferences of someone with a disability.

6. **Class Microaggressions:**
   - Making assumptions about someone's financial status.
   - Stigmatizing certain neighbourhoods or living conditions.
   - Assuming everyone has access to the same resources.

7. **Religious Microaggressions:**
   - Making assumptions about someone's beliefs based on their appearance.
   - Asking insensitive questions about religious practices.
   - Making jokes about someone's religious holidays.

It's important to note that addressing microaggressions involves creating awareness and fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity. Encourage open communication, education, and a commitment to promoting understanding within your workplace.

Raj Ramanandi

Raj is Co-CEO and Founder of InChorus Group